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LaShawn D. Williams

Arts & Entertainment Writer.

Chicago-based arts & culture/entertainment freelance writer and editor; interviews, reviews, general features and more.

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Lgol richard pryor jr. headshot thumb 300x389 12097 article

Lipstick Goes on Last: Family, Friends and Fidelity

A Q&A w/Richard Pryor, Jr., son of legendary entertainer Richard Pryor.

Jodywatley official 1  article

Interview with Jody Watley

Conversation with Chicago native and Grammy Award-winning singer Jody Watley.

Open uri20140729 17334 br38yr article

Stand-Up, Sketches and Song: An Interview With Comedian Tommy ...

Conversation with "In Living Color" alum Tommy Davidson.

Open uri20140729 4413 83tkth article

Russell Brand: TBS Just for Laughs Festival

Coverage/review of Russell Brand at TBS Just for Laughs Festival in Chicago.

Sinbad thumb 500x387 11411 article

Sinbad: Still Standing...

An interview with veteran comedian Sinbad.

Open uri20140729 11840 8xy5pn article

Spike Lee Visits Chicago State University

Recap of Spike Lee's visit to Chicago State University during Black History Month.

Open uri20140730 13719 13mtf75 article

"Deon Cole's Black Box"

Q&A w/comedian and writer Deon Cole about his TBS series, "Deon Cole's Black Box."

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"Kin Killin' Kin": The Other KKK

Conversation with artist James Pate about his exhibit, "Kin Killin' Kin."

Open uri20140729 11840 1n25q7x article

LaNita Joseph on The Monologues of My Nappy Hair

Conversation with dancer and writer LaNita Joseph.

Open uri20140729 4413 pkz0oi article

Comedian Marlon Wayans' A Haunted House: When Horror Meets Hilarity

Coverage of the screening and post-Q&A of comedian Marlon Wayans' film, "A Haunted House."

Open uri20140729 30508 14p66ro article

Pullman Porter Blues Takes A Train Trip Through Time

Conversation with Tony Award-winning actor Cleavant Derricks.

Open uri20140729 17334 15kyano article

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy

Conversation with comedy/entertainment professional Raymond Lambert.

Open uri20140730 13719 15tie35 article

Naja Lerus Photography: The Newborn Niche

Conversation with celebrity newborn baby photographer Naja Lerus.

Open uri20140801 29522 ieh982 article

Dwyane Wade Proves Chicago Has Talent

Coverage of NBA star Dwyane Wade's youth showcase, "Chicago Has Talent."

Open uri20140729 4413 1q3nwex article

Charles S. Dutton: From Jail to Yale: Serving Time on Stage

Award-winning actor Charles S. Dutton talks about his one-man show, that details his rise from Maryland's prisons to a successful career on stage, screen & television.